$php_errormsg showing up in my Page callback


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I wrote a very simple callback for a Page node I created. The page successfully invokes my callback, but when I put a breakpoint on the one line of code I have in it, notice that there is a variable called $php_errormsg in my list of variables.

Anyone know why I'm getting that variable and what might be causing it?

It doesn't seem to affect the functionality of my callback, but I would like to know what's causing it, if possible.

Thanks in advance
(if the print is too fine on the screen dump, the value of $php_errormsg is "Undefined variable: this". As you can see in my callback, I'm not referring to any variable named 'this')


Liam W

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First thing, remove the PHP closer - it's not needed, and can cause some funkiness.

Secondly, this variable is added by PHP. It is automatically populated with the last error string generated.

You can disable it in php.ini if you wish - it's the track_errors directive.



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@Liam W,

That's exactly what it was. I'm using the development ini for PHP and it was set to on. Turned it off, recycled IIS and now it's gone!!

But now that I know what it is, I'm thinking about turning it back on again. :)

My experience is mostly with windows and ASP. So this PHP stuff is still a little new to me. Thanks very much for your help.