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PHP slow on Amazon EC2


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Amazon. On Ec2 machines (micro instance up to 8 core with IOPS EBS hdd) xf takes around 0.24-0.29 seconds (xf debug info) for my modified xf (that means: I added self-written resources) with just me as a user. Latest Amazon centos ami. Newest php nginx builds are custom compiled. 0.05 seconds are for mysql. The nginx config file is stock, but that wouldn't slow down php, wouldn't it?

Current Server. On my 6 core it takes 0.14 seconds at the live server without traffic peaks. Centos 6.5 centminmod. 0.018 seconds are for mysql. iostat shows around 85 tps.

On all machines. Also all custom compiled with the same parameters. The exception is centos mariadb on all servers. (Yum install MariaDB...). I disabled xf cache on all machines and didn't notice any differences. Load is usually around 0.05-0.10.

Is that because of the slower amazon ebs network hdds? Amazon RDS is slow for all their instances (from free microinstance up to 400 USD monthly instances).
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