Third party PHP Code Problem

Hi All,

This problem, should put backslashes' s (\) look is blocking.


No PHP Code:


Luke F

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I can reproduce this on my localhost server running PHP 5.2.9-2 (long overdue for an update), but not my live server running PHP 5.3.6. Both are running XenForo 1.0.0.

Neither has magic quotes enabled.


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Don't worry, it has been logged as a bug and moved back to the bugs forum.

It will be addressed in due course.


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This comes from PHP's highlight_string() anything that goes in has to be valid PHP else the tokenizer and syntax highlighter gets all confused :)

I suspect it's different between PHP 5.2 and 5.3.


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What Scott said. It's internal to PHP, so there's nothing we can do. (It would likely be ok in 5.3, due to namespaces.)

It's really what happens if you pass non-PHP into the area that expects PHP.