Not a bug PHP Callback for options


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I just realized this issue when I was coding this plugin.

So I was coding this and I encountered an issue while saving the options.
I use a callback for providing the options. I use the xenforo class to get all the groups present. Then I render them in checkboxes using a prebuilt xenforo template.
It works fine till here.
I also use a custom validation of options.
In that I call a function from the model which updates stuff. I am not using any data writer here, just for simplicity sale.

Now whenever I change the select boxes input, I.e. I change the groups allowed within in admin area, and hit save. It saves but the function in model isn't called on validation.
Now when I hit save again without changing the select options, the function in model get called.


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I'm unable to reproduce this. The validation is called whenever the option's value appears to change for me. Can you provide a reduced test case? (Ideally just the option and the validation code and the steps to reproduce it not being called when expected.)


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Hope this helps. If you want the code in hardCacheReset(), I can give that as well, but I don't think you'll require that(Its just some basic insertion into DB).