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PHP 5.3 or 5.4?

Discussion in 'Server Configuration and Hosting' started by akia, Sep 6, 2012.

  1. akia

    akia Well-Known Member

    I'm moving to a new host soon so will be having to rebuild my vps server.

    I currently use the dot deb repository and have the option of using 5.3 or 5.4 but I'm not sure which to go for.

    Has anyone any suggestions on which would be best? I only use xenforo and wordpress on the server.

    Will I have any problems that anyone is aware of? and does anyone know if APC cache works with php 5.4?
  2. Jeremy P

    Jeremy P Well-Known Member

    APC has been built in to PHP since 5.3 (I believe), so yeah it works with 5.4.

    If you're on the latest XF version it should be fine, depends on your addons. I think Wordpress is compatible too but I hear some of the addons aren't.. so be careful.

    Unless you have anything that really needs PHP 5.4 though I would recommend PHP 5.3 for production for now.
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  3. Adam Howard

    Adam Howard Well-Known Member

    I have over 350 modifications, templates, add-ons, skins, and 3rd party products.

    I'd say go for the php 5.4 .... It works for me and did make things faster.
  4. p4guru

    p4guru Well-Known Member

  5. RobParker

    RobParker Well-Known Member

    I thought several populat addons had issues with 5.4?
  6. Jeremy P

    Jeremy P Well-Known Member

    My mistake, I know they're planning to bring it into core but I guess it's still been delayed.
    Maybe, I don't have many third party addons installed.

    I would recommend PHP 5.3 for now anyways, not that PHP 5.4 isn't stable, but for compatibility reasons. You probably don't need PHP 5.4 for anything at this point.
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  7. x3sphere

    x3sphere Active Member

    Running PHP 5.4.6 here. No issues. I use xcache and memcache for caching.
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