PhotoPost Closing Up Shop???


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PhotoPost is not actively accepting new license orders or renewals. For existing customers, please contact us with any questions, or, feel free to post to the forums if you have active members area access.
I've used PhotoPost for many years with my vB sites. I switch over to XF and could not see any reason not to use XFMG. I can only assume they were losing many customers and their product became obsolete. It was very clunky and not being updated to stay with the times.

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I don't see that message. I have an inactive license, it was going to let me renew it.
Seems like you can still order to me?

It would be sad if they closed too, but it's likely inevitable with vB declining as it is. I hope that simple statement doesn't get this post closed, I wasn't talking badly, just stating a fact.

I was sad when vbadvanced closed too.


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Strange. Chuck normally is quite on top of things. Now the forum is flooded with spam. I wonder what happened.
The demise of PhotoPost started a long time ago. As the person who did the original PHP development, my involvement with them ended about 8 years ago. Sadly, I lost contact with Chuck some time ago and have been unable to reach him since. When we were actively involved, I enjoyed the work and the people I dealt with, but in the end the economics couldn't support the evolution of a business and the people needed to keep it going.