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Anyone have any recommendations for a good photography community, one with some good expertise (I have some lens and DSLR video questions) but also newbie friendly?


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My photography forum used to be pretty busy, but it's going to be replaced by a custom site... when I get round to it.

The funny thing is I thought running a photography community would be fairly easy, but it proved to be the most challenging - it's very difficult for people to take (and sometimes give) criticism of work.

I would just google photography forum and read a few - the culture will be quite different on them, some will be more welcoming of newbies than others..


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#7 is pretty good.

Have you come across After working with XF you'll hate the bespoke forum software they are using but there is some good knowledge transfers in there.
I use DPR pretty much daily and I've always wondered what forum script they were using. I think the way they display EXIF data on mouse overs, etc. for pics (since the site is photo centric) is (or maybe was) unique and apropos.
However, I could not find info re: 'bespoke forum software' that you mentioned above. Do you have a link?


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It's not a common word in America. Most people don't know what it means. Tell someone you purchased a pair of bespoke brogues from Foster and Son and they'll look at you as if you just grew a third eye. Tell them you had custom, hand-made shoes made for you they'll understand. At which point they'll think you're insane for having spent about 2800 quid for a pair of dress shoes. They last for ages.

Custom; custom tailored; tailored; unique; etc., would be more common words the average American would understand.


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Yeah, sorry... had to look it up.
a : custom-made <a bespoke suit>
b : dealing in or producing custom-made articles
dialect : engaged

So you're saying the software's spoken for then?


...but there is some good knowledge transfers in there (DPReview).
As I said, I make use of the site pretty much daily, but it can be scut work separating the wheat from the chaff.
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