(Phone users) Do your browse the web horizontal or vertical?

How do you hold your phone?

  • I like to hold my phone the proper way up (vertical).

    Votes: 24 85.7%
  • No, I hold my phone in landscape for more typing room.

    Votes: 4 14.3%

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I almost never use my phone in landscape except for videos :p Or games

I have a nice, big screen, so I have no need to really turn in landscape when I am browsing on my phone.

I did just try and type in landscape and I realize that my phone is WAY TOO big to try typing in landscape lol. But I can browse, type and everything virtually in portrait.

I suppose it depends what kind of phone you have. An iPhone in landscape is probably better vs portrait.


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Portrait here, on both my iPhone 5 and now my 6 Plus.
When I had the iPhone 6 briefly, it was quite easy to use portrait but I never could(And still can't) understand how males with large hands were able to handle the small screen size of iPhone 5/5s and even the iPhone 4s and below lol.

Maybe because I am spoiled, my phone is 6 inches(So larger than an iPhone 6 plus) and it sort of makes everything else I use feel tiny lol but I got irate trying to type on an iPhone 5s because my thumbs had no room to move lol

Liam W

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Portrait, I have auto rotate disabled...

Except when I'm forced to use landscape by the lottery website... That's annoying.



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Landscape for me. More typing room. Plus now that I'm on the iPhone 6 it feels way, way better to browse like this. No reaching your thumb up to the top of the screen anymore :)


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depends on the page.
on a responsive page like xenforo, i use the phone vertically. if its a vb3 page or whatnot, i turn it horizontally.

Daniel Hood

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Mostly portait. I go into landscape on certain responsive sites if I want to see more elements that are hidden for mobile (such as XenForo last post date on the forum index) or worse, sites that aren't responsive and I have to keep scrolling left/right in order to read sentences. Overall I'd say it's 99% portrait though.


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Only use horizontal when viewing a video.

I've gotten used to typing that way too, before I used to prefer horizontal.

Just not enough room to see wtf I'm typing when horizontal.