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When I click on my profile and then News Feed ( I see a message "Your news feed is currently empty."

What is this for exactly and how do I start adding stuff to it?

I don't use Facebook so I'm not very familiar with all this new-fangled "social networking".


If you follow other users their activity is displayed in your news feed, i'm not sure what else - I just watched this thread, so I assume any updates to this will also appear in my news feed? But we shall see.

Edit: Ok, watched threads and threads you've interacted with don't appear... only your followers interactions.


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Aha, OK thanks guys.

So basically it's a way for stalkers to keep track of you...:eek:

Or you to keep track of them...:cool:


It's a social connection. You can either stalk someone who doesn't like you and you just can't let them go, or you can use it for what it is intended, follow a person you consider a friend, who probably likes you back. And you can keep track of what you're doing (what you would otherwise let eachother know at the end of the day in a bar over a beer ..)