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Personal Conversations need Search and Labels

Discussion in 'XenForo Suggestions' started by Enigma, Aug 2, 2010.

  1. Enigma

    Enigma Well-Known Member

    Two things I see as fairly critical for Personal Conversations-- Search and Labels/tags/folders.

    Search-- we should be able to search Personal Conversations by title/content/sender/recipient etc.

    Labels-- there should be some way to organise your Personal Conversations. Personally, I'd like to see a Gmail-esque Label system, but folders would work as well.
  2. Dean

    Dean Well-Known Member

    Searching would be fantastic! Not being able to search PMs in vb makes them not very useful.
  3. Derek Ivey

    Derek Ivey Member

    I agree. These are a must have!
  4. Eric J.

    Eric J. Well-Known Member

    Both are great suggestions.

  5. Floris

    Floris Guest

    It wouldn't hurt if in the future the Conversations system slowly turns into a more e-mail style system. Helping it become more of a home page for quite some people.
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  6. ---MAD---

    ---MAD--- Well-Known Member

    Totally agree.
  7. MtoR

    MtoR Well-Known Member

    You meant for the list of Conversations ? If so, yes I do agree :)
  8. Chris M

    Chris M Active Member

    Good idea :)
  9. Sejper

    Sejper Active Member

    Search system is something that is really needed, so +1 on that.
  10. hcmagix

    hcmagix Active Member

  11. TimWF

    TimWF Active Member

    Would be great to have conversations included in search, I was surprised to see this suggestion buried so deep!
  12. Grover

    Grover Well-Known Member

  13. Ryan Kent

    Ryan Kent Well-Known Member

    Someone brought up a discussion that I knew I had talked about before, but I could not remember where. I searched my forums and couldn't locate the thread. It nagged at me for a while, then I recalled it was in a forum conversation.

    I would like to suggest that the Search option includes the user's conversations.
  14. Andy.N

    Andy.N Well-Known Member

    And while in the conversation topic, I would suggest we have a way to search our Inbox just like our email client. Search by sender, subject, date range, etc.
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  15. Brogan

    Brogan XenForo Moderator Staff Member

    The search framework is in place.
    It has already been stated that it will be expanded in the future, although nothing more than that has been said.
  16. Ryan Kent

    Ryan Kent Well-Known Member

  17. ragtek

    ragtek Guest

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  18. ChemicalKicks

    ChemicalKicks Well-Known Member

    I'd like to add to the PC side of things.

    You should be able to apply filters to your PC inbox, sort by sender, sort by time/date, exclude XYZ sender/recipient etc
  19. vkams

    vkams Active Member

    In one of conversations 5 users wrote down 31 pages! You see, search in conversation may be very useful!
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  20. Beanjam

    Beanjam Active Member

    I would really like the ability to search conversations too. And at the moment the search box on the Conversations page is a little misleading, as it does not search in the conversations.
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