Personal Conversation Read Indication Receipt


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Now XF 2.0 is out, it seems that the Conversations part of the platform did not get improved further compared to the XF 1.x version?

I was just having a Conversation with someone (or at least I send the first message) and although I could see in his Membercard when that person was 'last seen' on the forums, there is (still) no indication if he/she read my private message. Now that XF 2.0 is out, I hope adding functionality like this is in the planning.

We are so used by now to instant messaging services like WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger (both great) giving us a direct (instant) indication if the receiver has read our message or not. And it comes in really handy in the communication proces, and this is what the Conversation feature is all about to begin with. Communication. I still think this feature suggestion from 7 years ago ;) (and 40+ likes) is a really useful one to improve this already great system a bit further.

Mr Lucky

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Seems like there could be (at least) two different ways to implementb this:

  • All conversations will show when they were read by recipient
  • Sender has the option to require a read receipt or not (as with vBulletinPM)