Persian Calendar (Shamsi or Jalali) for Xenforo


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Hope to see Persian Calendar or date system (that it called Shamsi or Jalali) one day in XF core.

I also attach a php file of all functions needed to create our date or calendar system. (Although there are some Persian comments in codes, but a developer can understand the code, without attention to comments. Its writer said)

Also some other systems like Microsoft Windows 10 and Wordpress and Moodle and ... have Persian Calendar (And Also Persian Language) build in.



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I'm asking those who write plugins to use these functions for Shamsi history in xenforo and to provide Shamsi plugins

Also, if possible destroy the duplicate poems in IRR currency to show only the amount of rial currency without two poems.

These two decimal places are displayed when paying two more zeros 😁. The user thinks it's a very high amount.
If this number is to be edited in the language settings, it will work fine.
How can I change the forum date from AC to Solar date?
The latest post on the forum is for 28th of March 2020.
And its Solar date (for Iranian members) is: 9th of Farvardin 1399
I have renewed xenforo licence for the second time.
If xenforo does not support Persian calender for Iranian members, please add it in the next update. Thank you.
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