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RobinHood submitted a new resource:

Google Calendar for XenForo - Add a calendar to your forum that can be managed from Google Calendar

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This plugin allows you to embed a calendar page on your forum that is linked and controlled by a Google Calendar.

Use the native Google Calendar interface to create events and mange events, but display them for whoever as the appropriate permissions on your forum.

It could be an admin only calendar, for sharing events with staff, or it could be a public calendar to share events that are wholly controlled by an admin or anyone in the organisation with...

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Added this as I have been thinking about moving a separate FullCalendar solution to Google, and this will let me display the 4000+ monthly events easier than what we do now.

I did modify the template so I use the day view, rather than the monthly view.


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Yeah, I did contemplate adding some options for that, but figured it’s easier and more of flexible for anyone wanting to do that to edit the parameters in the templates directly.

I’ve also added day view in another install, and highly customised the layout and css, and labelling with font awesome. It’s a fantastic library.
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