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Lack of interest Permit per-user organization of forums and categories on forum home


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My father used to say this of suggestions that are bound to fail: "That will go over about as well as a turd in a punch bowl."

Nevertheless, I will make a suggestion for a feature or an add-on that promotes the idea of "users having the forum their way" as much as possible.

What I'd like to see is the ability for users to organize forums and categories exactly as they'd like to see them organized. Want "photography talk" at the very top because that's the only place you actively engage yourself? Then drag and drop it there! Love the off topic board and visit it the most? Drag it up there.

Of course, anything that makes the user happy is really what makes the forum admin happy--or should. Participation is key, and love of place and comfort breeds participation, right?

So is this ajaxy possible or possible by some means?

If so, I'd love to see it. Maybe others would like to, as well.