XF 2.0 Permissions?

Hello Everyone,
I have a question about the permissions for the data and internal_data? I was making up a video to show how to set the permissions for these folders. Without thinking I noticed that the permissions were set at 0755, in the video I set them at 0777. If you set this to 0777, and do the installation, do these numbers change back to 0755?

The reason I asked is, if they do not change and stay at 0777, that would mean that I forgot to change these permissions, and was able to install the beta 2 board. Maybe this could be a reason I'm having issues with logging into my ACP. I don't know, I'm just guessing.


XenForo developer
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They generally shouldn't change and it wouldn't be related to the login thing.

The exact permissions required vary from server to server based on your PHP configuration. 0777 should generally work regardless of server, but in many common setups, 0755 is sufficient.