XF 1.4 Permissions: user group revoke, with user exception


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All of my users are part of the Registered primary user group.

I have a secondary user group which some users are part of which I want to "revoke" the ability to receive conversations from.

However, there are two users who are part of the same secondary user group who I *do* want to be able to receive conversations.

How could I set this up? I don't really want to create a new user group, "xxx with receive conversations".

I have tried setting the "receive conversations" permissions in the secondary user group to "Never", but this of course would override any effort to set up exceptions with User Permissions.

I envisage the permission values for the exempt user to be worked out as below. Of course, I realise there is no revoke option for user permissions, but it's just an example:

Global Permission Values
Registered (Primary): Not Set (No)
Forum Member (Secondary): Allow
Another User Group (Secondary): Revoke
User Value: Allow
Final Value (Global): Yes

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Your options are to create a new user group with the permission set to Allow and promote the users to it.

Or to apply individual permissions (Never) to those you don't want to be able to receive conversations.