RM 1.2 Permissions in resource manager


Since resource manager was added we are having permission issues for user groups.

User subscribe to the member portal on Infusionsoft, then they are imported into xenforo as freemium members and immediately upgraded to the correct user group such as premium, gold, silver, bronze, etc.

It seems that freemium is then the listed primary and premium the secondary user group. for resource categories they then only have permission to see the freemium level access and not the secondary.

How do we best resolve this and keep an automation in transferring information from infusionsoft to xenforo?


XenForo moderator
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You need to ensure your permissions are set up correctly so that permissions stack.

Using Never will prevent access to any permission which is set to Allow in another user group.

These guides should help:

If you are still having issues after setting permissions up using those guides, then it is likely something to do with Infusionsoft and you would need to contact them for support.