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Not a bug  Permissions bug?


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I recently installed the add trophyPromo and, not entirely satisfy me, I've created a new user group called xenfacileroVIP when I put on Use the following user title the title of "xenFacileroVIP. " When I look at the list of members, I see that these users "xenFacileroVIP" I see the user title I put for the registered users group. I always speak of the primary group, not the secondary.

When setting the permissions to use the default scale of user title, this is not reflected in the list of members or user information postbit, as you can see in the captures.
Additionally, permissions do not take the legacy I leave when I leave the default or inherit and climb as the first group that take the ID 5


PD: Sorry my bad english, I'm spanish.


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Can you do the same checks/tests with a default style with no add-ons installed?

I don't see this problem on either of my installations.


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Changes are only in templates. Default style. I do not understand the problem.​


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Permissions are unchanged. The problem persists.

lenin: 65 posts user title: va progresando mucho real user title: iniciado
PoLiZe: 94 posts user title: va progresando mucho real user title: iniciado​



XenForo developer
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The user titles are dictated by trophy points, not message count. All of the listed users have the correct title based on their trophy points.