XF 1.5 Permissions are a disaster zone. Is there a faster fix than handraulic?


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Here's my problem: We were using IPB4 and we installed the Group Collaborations app. IPB4 had permissions bugs, and the app also was a bit shonky with permissions. Ultimately we uninstalled the app, which dumped all the app-controlled subforums back onto the main board with very messy permissions.

Then we migrated off the cloud, through MyBB and on to XF1.5.

Somewhere in translation we've picked up a whole bunch of revoked permissions, our Moderators (even super-moderators) don't have global moderation privileges or access to thread or moderation tools in some areas, and generally the whole thing is a mess.

I do have access to the back-end of things, so my question is this: Is there a MySQL query I could run which will strip out all the revoked permissions for the Moderators and punt them over to Allow? I have approximately 300 nodes, so doing this all one node at a time will be a right royal pain in the posterior :D


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I think the finalised permission set is overriding them, so what I'm doing is removing them from all groups, creating a new Mod group purely for styling, and otherwise leaving them as Super Moderators.

This seems to be fixing it, so once I've got my Mod team functional again I can go about fixing the proper groups without getting in their way. Cheers, @Brogan!