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I've been having trouble where I cannot overwrite , upgrade now.

I'm using cpanel. I used to be able to upload a zip, unpack it and drag the entire works onto my public_html folder and it would overwrite everything in a few secs. Run the update url and all is golden.

But the ability to do this stopped.
I can no longer overwrite, specifically public_html directories and their sub directories. The individual files seem to be able to overwrite, but if the upgrade has folder ( as usual), it will not overwrite. I get a message "No such file or directory" see attachment regarding the message.
I'm thinking someone goofed up my user permissions, mixed up root and my account. Is there an easy way to fix this?

It gets worse,
So, I contacted server support, suggesting this may have happened, to check why I cannot overwrite and upgrade now. They did a global 755 to everything! I was specific for them not to do this, but they thought it would fix this regardless.

Now my permissions are goofed up, it never solved this and my entire site 755. Does anyone know how to advise my support? They say the 755 isn't a big deal.

Any one know why I may not be able to overwrite directories and is there a way to get all my permission back without having to do a complete backup.

Please help.


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Check with your FTP client. Can you upload the files that way? (Particularly into the listed directory.) Otherwise, if it's an ownership issue, they can "chown" the files back to your user; the only caveat is that you may need to ensure that the data and internal_data directories are all 0777'd (recursively), though that does depend on server config.

The path listed there is also a little weird. I see "upload" twice in it (and normally you shouldn't see it at all). I'm not sure if that's relevant.


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Hi Mike,

I see "upload" twice in it
I created an additional folder to upload my updates, then unpack there. Could this be my problem? Is there a specific folder I should be uploading the zip?
I used to be able to unzip any add-on through my cpanel File Manager , select all, then overwrite dropping the entire package onto the public_html directory.

Unpacking on my desktop, then sFTP takes so long in comparison. How do others update?


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I've seen instructions on some software uncompressing as you do. They say it's less prone to errors. I'm not comfortable doing it. (i.e. unintentionally creating extra folders or dumping files where they shouldn't be). I don't trust cpanel for that either. I ftp and overwrite my files.


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I have done upgrades via cPanel that way for people. It certainly seems like a permission issue. This should be trivial for your host to check and resolve if it is down to incorrect ownership. Similarly, presumably they would be able to reproduce the cPanel issue (possibly via the command line) and determine the necessary steps.