XF 2.0 Permission trouble


I have a problem with Moderators unable to view deleted threads in a private forum.

When I analyse permissions for one of these mods, this is what I get. You can see it's currently set to "no".


However the "Moderating" usergroup = Yes so why is the value "No"?

I checked the node and the category which the node is in, and for both the "Moderating" usergroup has "View deleted threads" set to "Inherit". This means it should use the usergroup setting, right? Since the usergroup setting shows "Yes" they should have permission to view the threads.

I then went to User Groups > Staff > Moderators and check the individual moderator and "View deleted threads" is "Yes".

I have no clue why the value for this setting is "No". Any ideas?


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Just double check your node permissions. Without knowing how your private section is setup, its hard to tell you what to check. I'm assuming Trusted is a user group? LInk to forum?


Yes, Trusted is a usergroup.

When I go to the Node permissions and check the permissions for all the usergroups, everything is set to "Inherit".

If I change the Node permission for "Moderators" to "View deleted threads" = Yes, then they can view the deleted threads. I'm just completely confused why "Inherit" doesn't work.


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Yes, but you can see in the image the "Moderating" usergroup is set to "Yes" so that should trump the "No" usergroups.
For this forum you've probably set view deleted posts for the "private forums - trusted" usergroup to no. That overrides inherited group permissions.

You don't need to set it to no for "private forums - trusted", unless that usergroup has it as yes in general (if this is the case, you'd need to set it to yes manually for that node for moderators).