RM 1.1 Permission to view resource list, but not the resources

Mr Lucky

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I've been trying to create permissions for a usergroup so they can see the resource category and the list of resources in it, but cannot actually read the resource.

This is possible with threads, but i can't figure out if it is possible with resources.

Can anyone help please?


XenForo moderator
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For resources without files, there is this option:


Reduce that to 0 and it should do what you need.

Ensure the download permission isn't set to Allow.

Mr Lucky

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Thanks, that works for what I want. It would still be good if it was simpler. As with forums/threads, e.g. you set a usergroup to view a forum and see the list oif threads, but not read the threads.

It would be nice and consistent if it worked this way for resources also.