Permission to speak


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So I've been running XF on the Bukowski forum since day 1 around here, and in the almost three years since then I've done four other installs (most recently migrating two business forums from vB 3.8, one last Thursday and one today).

I say all that because I just wanted to let you know that I almost understand the permissions system now!

Oh, I'm kidding, of course (sort of, and sort of not). What finally dawned on me last Thursday was how simple the concept is, but (out of necessity, I imagine) how horribly complex the system appears to be at first glance.

I just never spent enough time with it, until the migration last week from a tangled seven year old mess of vB permissions, usergroups and access masks (and not for nothing, but what sort of masochist created access masks?!) forced me to work out a migration plan that would standardize everything.

So I just want to say, children, if all seems lost...if you look at the permissions in your new XenForo installation and think, "Why have you forsaken me, lord?"...there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

Brothers and sisters, take it from me - a blasphemous, unrepentant sinner - you can do it. You can lift yourself up out of the dark and putrid depths that your tortured soul has languished in for so long and be as free as any (white) man in the world! I mean it, lord, or I couldn't say it.

Can I get an amen? Testify!



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No, you don't have- well look at that... You've talked first and asked permission second... How very selfish of you! lol. But seriously, read Jake's resource and Brogan's resource if you are a new comer. They are gloriously detailed and really do much to explain the concepts.