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XF 1.3 permission to approve users - is it only for super admins?

Discussion in 'Troubleshooting and Problems' started by sifars, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. sifars

    sifars Member


    we recently moved from vb to xf. great forum and plenty of options, our users are very happy.
    i take this opportunity to thank xf guys for a great forum software.

    we had a few admins and except for the super administrators (whom i manually added in the config.php), other administrators cannot approve users.

    i searched around for some time, gave administrator group full access (all green), created a new admin and added to the group; also added AS an adminitrator via the +administrator button.

    but this user does not see the notification (of users awaiting) and on the admin panel does not have access to the users awaiting approval link.

    my question: this privilege of approving users; is it restricted to super admins? or can ordinary admins do it by some option anywhere.

    thanks. we are running XF 1.3.5 with a number of add-ons.

    thanks once again in advance.
  2. sifars

    sifars Member

    oh, and i also added this user to super admin via config.php and presto! the notification was visible and user approval accessible;
    reversed it and the permission was taken away.

    i assume that "approving users requires super administrator privileges". veterans, correct me if i am wrong; also if anyone can point out if it is documented anywhere - i am curious to know where i didn't look.

    thanks again.
  3. AndyB

    AndyB Well-Known Member

    A regular Admin can moderate new user registrations. You don't want to or need to make the Admin into a Super Admin to be able to moderate new user registrations.

    Typically the problem in the situation you're experiencing is the result of changing the users primary user group to Administrator, leave it as Registered.

  4. sifars

    sifars Member

    i am afraid not. this doesn't work for me.

    i have four admins - i did all combinations, including what you mentioned; but unless i add the user to supadmin, they cannot approve users.
    i even rebuilt the cache.

    thanks, all the same. and if i am doing something incorrect, please let me know.

  5. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    ACP > Users > Administrators

    Check what administrative permissions you gave assigned to the user (when not set as a superhuman in config.php)
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  6. sifars

    sifars Member


    i clicked the top green button and gives all permissions. also, i went through each permission to check if there is "approve users".
  7. Martok

    Martok Well-Known Member

    There is no green All button in ACP > Users > Administrators. You're looking in usergroup permissions which is completely different. Look again.
  8. sifars

    sifars Member

    yes, you are right. i hadn't looked here and i assumed that when an admin is added to the group, they automatically inherit admin permissions (which was the green one i mentioned earlier). after your recent tip, i went back and clicked the admin - all checkboxes were empty.

    so i selected the checkbox: manage users and groups, modified the config.php to remove the user from supadmin; logged off, logged in as the admin i was configuring - and hey!


    it works.

    thanks a lot martok, thanks indeed.
  9. sifars

    sifars Member

    quick guide to granting admins permission to approve users: (for slowpokes like me)
    1. In the ACP select Users


    2. Click on Administrators listed on the left pane


    3. On the page, Select +Create New Administrators on the far right of the page.


    4. Select the User (Note: User should have been created earlier; you cannot create user here)



    6. Grant Permissions:



    this for giving administrators "Approve User" permission.
    (thanks to martok)

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