Lack of interest Permission option for albums


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Would like to see to set the viewing permission the same way like for category's.
Means to use the member groups for the permission.

All over xenforo i can use membergroups to restrict or grant permissions, except for the albums.


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The concept of albums is different from categories. Albums are 'owned' by the person who creates them and they are designed to be shared by the owner with whoever they wish. They work in a similar way to profiles and profile posts - a user can choose to share their profile in the same way to the public, members only or followers (albums have a couple of additional options.

You can set the default sharing of albums in the ACP to members only and prevent the owner changing view permissions.


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This i know already.
I opt only for an option to choose from.

This given option for albums don`t fit our needs.
It might fit yours.

We have a lot of older customer who are not really firm with PC.
They are used that they can give access to usergroups.

If i have to tell them to give access to followers or individual they might think i am nut.
With nearly 9k of members it is not the way they can do.
Members is too low to grant them access to all. So if they want give access they have to choose the 2 other ways. That is a lot of work for them.

I manage the adult content already with category's.
But the most like to use their own albums.


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In terms of user groups, that wouldn't happen. User groups are not something that we expose to users in the front end directly.

I'm not sure what your use case is, but if people want to limit their albums to a specific group of people, they're always going to have to do some work. Your suggestion may work as the users creating a list and then associating that list with (multiple) albums, though that has significant technical challenges.


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Members is too low to grant them access to all. So if they want give access they have to choose the 2 other ways. That is a lot of work for them.
As I have said already, you can set the default sharing, which includes followers, in the ACP so your users wouldn't have to do anything.

Anyway, Im not against the idea of sharing albums with user group, I'm just pointing out how it has been designed and some options as it currently stands.

Im actually in favour of sharing albums with user groups, though mine was from the position of users sharing with groups rather thsn locking the sharing to specific groups (though you could do that too). My suggestion is here:


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Don`t need at front end. I can manage this in backend.
The work is too much that the user have to do. If do individual they have to choose out of 9k of users who you grant access. With followers is same.

Thats not some work, thats a huge work.

Our case is that we have different parts of our board are only have access by usergroups.
We have a lot of private content as well adult content.

For example User A post in an area where only usergroup B has access, he have to grant all of them access to his albums. Otherwise they cant see the pictures in post. So if usergroup B have 2000 users inside this is not made in a short time.

So there is a need to divide this from the bulk.

As i mentioned i separate the adult content already into a category.
But we speak about more than 300k of pictures.


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There is a possible solution to this if another suggestion is implemented, the Albums within Categories suggestion (which is the top liked suggestion for XFMG). I've explained a bit more about this in my original suggestion thread about user group permissions and XFMG here:

I think the Albums in Categories suggestion, if it can be implemented, could kill several birds with one stone and would be the best option.