XF 2.1 Permission inheritance and lower custom value


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at first quoting from the help:

Node permissions are very similar in concept and application to the global user group and user permissions and the examples given above.

However, instead of defaulting to No, node permissions default to Inherit. If any custom permission value is set, it will be used instead of the inherited version; essentially, Inherit is the lowest priority permission value.

My problem:

edit post: YES 10080 minutes
edit post title: YES

Then I set for a different node:
edit post: INHERIT 15 minutes
edit post title: INHERIT

When I analyse the permissions, always 10080 is set in the node.

So if the custom value is set lower it is beaten by 10080

If I set it to a higher value then the permission is set. For example: 12000

So the custom value only works if it's higher than in group "registered"

How can I achieve to lower the custom value?

Thanks alot!


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It's the way the system was designed and the code is written - it would require a rewrite to be able to force a particular value from a specific user group or user set permission.