XF 1.2 Permission errors to see threads

If I run it as an administrator URL: www.psd-tutorials.de/forum/posts/2036706
I will properly routed to the SEO address http://www.psd-tutorials.de/forum/threads/freundliches-hallo.146279/page-3#post-2036706

If I do www.psd-tutorials.de/forum/posts/2036706 as a normal member or not registered, an error message that I have no rights. However, I admit right this URL: http://www.psd-tutorials.de/forum/threads/freundliches-hallo.146279/page-3#post-2036706 it is also a member / non-registered users. Why is that? That's a bug?

Please Help

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If you go to that link as a guest, you'll see it doesn't take you to the post in question, just the page. This indicates that the post was deleted and thus guests can't see it.
Hi Mike,
okay, but exactly that is a problem. Google and other search engines have a lot of old urls in its indexes and guests see only that error page instead of the existing post with the new url (it was not deleted, we have only a new url structure with xenforo). What we need is a redirection with HTTP-Status 301 from the old (vbulletin urls) to new xenforo url structure, also for guests and search engines and not only for admins.


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You would have to modify the code to allow deleted posts to trigger a redirect here. If the indexed URL has that post in it specifically, redirecting probably wouldn't be useful as that content wouldn't be visible anyway.