XF 1.2 Permission duplication tool?


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I hate to make the comparison, but is there something similar to the one seen in the AdminCP on vB?
The way we have our permissions is changing on our XenForo installation (According to best practise of how to build permissions), so I need to reset the node permissions all to inherit, then go through them one by one and set them up again. I'd also like the ability to duplicate from one node to another.

Is it possible?


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There is no function but clicking the Not Set (No) button at the very top will reset them all.

The only other thing you need to do is reset any value fields.


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Thanks Brogan, I had a feeling that might be the case.
Basically I've been through every node and reset every usergroup to Inherit
Then where restrictions are required I've set the node to private and granted "View Node" as "Yes" to the usergroups that will have access.
Upon checking the permissions tester with a regular user...They 'technically' still have all the other permissions as yes (such as reply to thread etc etc), but because it's a Private Node, that won't matter will it? Or would a double layer of permission denial be better? (Private Node *and* revoke on the moot permissions)?