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XF 1.1 [permission] Create thread and only answer on those?


Well-known member
Hey everybody,

i have a category for male and for female questions. Is there a permission to allow the male users create threads in the male forum but don't answer on other threads in that forum (except on their own threads)?

Would be great. :)

Thanks a lot



Well-known member
Hey Russ,

thanks for your answer! :) Of course the girls should be able to see (and answer) all threads of the boys. But they shouldn't be able to create new threads in that forum.

As far as i can see, the gender forums is obsolete since i can do it with a usergroup promotion.


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Sorry for pushing this thread, but i could use this again, but in a different situation.

I have a forum for experts. Everyone should be able to create a thread but only the expert should be able to answer on those threads (and of course the thread creator).

There must be a way to do this. ;)