XF 1.1 [permission] Create thread and only answer on those?


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Hey everybody,

i have a category for male and for female questions. Is there a permission to allow the male users create threads in the male forum but don't answer on other threads in that forum (except on their own threads)?

Would be great. :)

Thanks a lot



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Would this be of something useful?


On top of that if you want it to where only the thread creator and say administrators could respond to the thread you can set permissions like this, make sure the node is "private"


This revokes permissions to view threads other people have made. Not sure if either of these solutions is what your going for? :)


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Hey Russ,

thanks for your answer! :) Of course the girls should be able to see (and answer) all threads of the boys. But they shouldn't be able to create new threads in that forum.

As far as i can see, the gender forums is obsolete since i can do it with a usergroup promotion.


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Sorry for pushing this thread, but i could use this again, but in a different situation.

I have a forum for experts. Everyone should be able to create a thread but only the expert should be able to answer on those threads (and of course the thread creator).

There must be a way to do this. ;)