XF 1.5 Allow only the poster and staff to comment on a thread.


I'm looking to create a forum that once a user posts in it, only staff members can reply to it. My situation is some what specific, so I'm not sure if this is possible in native xenforo.

Basically, I want an "Appeals" section, where users can post appeals, but I don't want anyone who isn't staff to comment on their appeal.

Just looking for an add-on that does this, or if Xenforo has this capability.


Edit #1: I see that you can allow a user to create a thread, and disallow them from commenting, but I want them to be able to comment on their own threads only in this section.
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There is no built in functionality which will do exactly that.

There is however the 'View threads by others' permission which will allow thread starters to see their own threads only, with moderators being able to see all threads.
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