Performance Enhancements/Server Suggestions?


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Sorry, wasn't sure what would be the most appropriate title for this one. I'm basically looking for some suggestions for getting Xenforo to run faster, whether that's code edits or server tweaks or specs, whatever.

I very much suspect the problem for me is the number of nodes I have, a couple thousand, so the homepage/forums often take 3 to 4 seconds to load, while everything else is pretty zippy (and yes, this is the case even with no addon's). I do not have a "top of the line" host right now, just a shared VPS server, but I can say that my old forum platform performed better on the same server. And I've kind of gathered from the way subnodes had to be displayed in XF up until 1.2, and the way nodes still have to be ordered, that Xenforo was maybe not designed from the ground up to ideally handle so many nodes. I am NOT by any stretch of the imagination a coder, so I'll stress this is only my very unprofessional "suspicion." But anyway, I'm not looking to gripe, only to get some constructive advice.

Is there anyone familiar enough with the code, who'd maybe know why so many subnodes might create a problem for XF, who could based on that knowledge suggest some things I might try to make it perform faster? Maybe some easy tweaks I could suggest to my host that they wouldn't mind implementing? Or even if I had to look for new hosting, some minimum requirements I'd want to look for? Thank you!
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I can't say with absolutely certainty, but I think we discussed something to do with fixing a large number of nodes in 1.2

@Mike will know.


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Thanks, guys, but I am using 1.2. I think I chose 1.2 as the prefix when creating the thread, but it's been moved. Although, as I said, I'm open to any suggestions, not just server recommendations.

EDIT: just thought I'd add that I did also try to display the forums in the default mode, with the sub-forums popup, thinking that could possibly make some difference (not that I could have left them like that), but it did not make any difference in performance.
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