People are registering with their real names


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There must be a slightly misleading field in the Registration page as it seems quite a few members are registering with their real names (first name, last name) instead of their username.

Any idea on why this might be, and is it possible to change easily?
Change the phrase text in: name from Name to Username.

Change the phrase text in: name_or_email from Name or Email to Username or Email.

That should do the trick. :)
Thanks, I noticed that there is a "your_name_or_email_address" entry too, should I change that from "Your name or email address" to "Your username or email address" as well?
Facebook registrations will bring in there full name, if they are using full name on Facebook?
Ah ha, is there any way to make it more obvious for the user that they will need to change a field if they do not want their full Facebook (real) name as their username?

This problem was occurring before I even installed Facebook integration though, so I think with changing those two Phrases I've corrected most of the problem.
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