Peggy, seriously.......


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Do you like egg nog, does anyone like egg nog? For me it is the ectoplasm that is expelled from the beasts of hell :)
Oh I LOVE eggnog, but only one particular brand - Southern Comfort. I prefer the non-alcohol variety so I can choose to add my own if I want a "lift".
But if they have only the alcohol variety, I'll take it. :)


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I have not tried it, it is not a tradition here at all, not even sure you can get it.

But I am really sure I would dislike the texture of it completely, I am quite autistic about textures, and that thick goopey liquid is one I really really dislike.


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Eggnogg is a Christmas tradition here :) .. although I'm not a Christian .. but nonetheless it's a tradition : Eggnog all day :D

TBH - I never knew what egg nog was until 5 minutes ago when I checked up on wiki. I still don't.

On that note. Worthy of a debate. I wonder if Nog (ferengi in deep space 9) Likes Egg nog. They share the same name, I'm assuming nog likes the nog. Your thoughts?