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No conflict - I just meant that silently swapping our $db object to PDO is going to be problematic, mostly because of the non-binary protocol differences as you discovered. They're really something that creep in, in totally unexpected places, so it's hard to not rely on it at this point. (On a side note, I've tried to avoid nulls in the past, because IIRC, you just got "", which wasn't easy to work with. The binary protocol actually gives you null. It's much nicer. :))

This will bring several benefits:
1. I'm an egoist so my usecase as first:p I have to use 2 db connections ATM because i can't reuse the xenforo db connection for doctrine because of the lacking PDO support.

2. This would also be really great for the HHVM crowd=> http://xenforo.com/community/threads/facebook-makes-php-9x-faster-via-virtual-machine-hhvm.55754/page-3#post-707437