Cannot reproduce  PC adding people bug


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When adding people to a conversation [more than 2 it seems], it shows the "new message" alert in the inbox, but does not show the message [the popup display the link for the new message] to the members being added, it just displays older messages [if any].

[me being added]This has been true, and I just couldn't figure out what the message was, so they were unnoticed. I realized I have gotten to see these alerts in the past, and did not see any new messages [in the popup].

But today I added someone, and I expected him to respond, he never responded. Then when I asked him why he didn't respond, he said:

I didnt see that message until I posted something there..
It kept on saying new message without showing it..
Bug? Glitch?
I had sent him a direct link to the conversion after questioning him why he had not answered, and quite honest, I was getting irritated why he was not answering. But it wasn't his fault at all.

There were 3 people in the conversation including me, the guy I added was the 4th.

Kinda had the same issue yesterday, but I wasn't sure of anything. Now I am positive that there is a bug there.


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The only way I could see this happening is if the user that was the last poster was since deleted. I have made a change to prevent that case. However, that should be really infrequent. Otherwise, the queries for the popup and the conversation list are the same (and the query to view the conversation).

Can you try to reproduce this here? (You can send a message to a mix of me, Kier, and Brogan if necessary.)