Paypal only? It is 2015

Why in the world would you restrict yourself to PayPal handling your transactions?

I no longer use PayPal anymore, my Debit card cant be used for International purchases....the Prepaid gift card I purchased cant be used for International purchases.

Is there another option or are we just out of luck, unless you want to create a PayPal account again?


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You don't need to have a PayPal account to purchase - you can use the checkout option with your credit card.

The other option is bank or wire transfer.
I realize you dont need a PayPal account, either way it shows as an International Purchase when using the PayPal checkout.
Not one of my methods of Purchase will work.

Maybe I didnt realize this would be an International purchase


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Prepaid cards cannot be used to do international transactions to prevent money laundering. This is an US law. XenForo is located in the UK.

There's always wire transfer.