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I don't see that a PayPal button is relevant there - it's not a post control nor related to the post in any way.

If anything, it would be in the sidebar or footer.


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No i am thinkin button like donation for certain members from other user in forum like gratitude for coding, graphics, designer and else.

Tracy Perry

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That's a little esoteric and I've got a feeling it wouldn't be used by many. Something like that is better addressed via an add-on IMHO.


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a simple alternative might be to place a link to a paypal hosted button in the OP

just create the button -

then use the email button code to make a link

using BB Codes & Buttons Manager, you can make a custom bb code like [pp]button_id[/pp] to insert the link code

of course, each recipient has to create their own button code, so they'd need permission to use the bb code

the up-side is you don't have to keep up with recipient payment details - the down-side is you don't get to track the activity (without improvising)