Lack of interest PayPal Business Payments ($0.50 flat fee per transaction)


I searched around the forums, I didn't any topics on this.

Apparently this is a pilot program by paypal. Where you can set up a "Business Payment" that only charges 50 cents per transaction, but only is paypal to paypal. Which would be wonderful because it would block people from using credit cards if someone wanted to (for the fees).

Now this pilot program is said to only be for USA or CAN customers. I know that XenForo is based on the UK, but I think they mean only for the people who are doing the transactions. Meaning if I had a US paypal, it would be fine.

It would be great if we can provide this API in future Paypal integration in XenForo 2.x or 1.x

Since it's a pilot program, I really can't find a specific page to point to except Paypal's own Business Page: - but they don't state this anywhere?

I know this is still available because here are a couple of companies that have this implemented (I use Harvest and have tested this to work)

Again, I am not sure if all XenForo has to do is provide the API for us to select this in the subscriber settings, because FreshBooks can be used by anyone I believe, but that option is only for US Paypal Customers.