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Paypal Account

Hello there, I was wondering if someone could give me some information regarding paypal.

I know for upgrades we require a business or premier account. I use Paypal in the UK and I can't seem to find premier at all. My site is only a writing community so I'd feel wrong making a business account. Has anyone had this issue? I've tried to contact paypal via email and I've had no response, calling will be next but I thought maybe someone here could fill me in.

I was wondering, since I've seen people use a donation button, if that would be okay to use and I'd still be able to pay for addons and xenforo things using that paypal. I've seen they say about charities and such, which my site isn't really. So I wasn't sure if this was best.

I looked at the permissions of my current account and it seemed to be saying something about withdrawing, but I don't want to withdraw anything, the account is just used so I can get some help from my members to pay the bills of the site / hosting.

So to be clear I'm wondering how people have set up their donations / accounts and how it works for them. Thanks anyone for taking time to respond!


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Premier IIRC is an upgrade to a personal account. You sign up as a personal, and then somewhere you'll have an option to give them more details etc and they'll upgrade you to premier.


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I don't really have a lot to say about this and a picture is worth a thousand words so I would say I feel some pre-vindication in posting only an image basically.

Just click on business...