Payments and commission percentage.


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This is absolutely great stuff and I definitely need the RM for one of my projects!

The only additional feature I would need for my own project is regarding Payment and Comission-Percentage:

supplier uploads a "Paid Resource" (e.g. a .pdf-file)

customer is buying the "Resource" (e.g. a .pdf-file) directly at my XF-RM via PayPal

supplier receives the money and I get a Comission (a certain % of the Selling-Price) from each Sale. :cool:

Well done for now! (y)
I'd like to +1 having this.


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I too am looking for paid resources where customer pays site and the site then pays out to all resource owners every x days minus x commission price.

If Xenforo won't implement it, I'm ready to pay someone to do it...


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How'd you go with this?
I've got two developers interested but its outside of my budget.

I can try using one if the credits addon but I rather do direct payments then credit based system. Really wish xenforo implemented payments with additional pay gates
it´s an old thread but dont want to create a new one ^^. +1!

Really need this if someone would code this for us please PN me. We Pay for your work ^^.