XF 1.5 Payment Skipped

Over the last few months I noticed an increase in "Payment Skipped" on my website which eventually leads to Payment Suspended. I even had one user report that he has funds in the account and he's not sure why the Paypal payment is not going through. However I have new and other old users payments going through. So, I'm not sure why some aren't... I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing something similar and how I can trouble shoot this? Thanks.


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Are you seeing "payment skipped" in XF or PayPal? If it's XF, then what's the full message (and some details from the transaction log)? If it's in PayPal, then unfortunately you will need to contact them. XF has literally no involvement in taking payments; we just get notified when they're processed.


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Yeah i have the same issue. Its because Paypal now forces you to use SSL on your site else it wont accept it. But yeah like you said, some are still going through and some arent. So annoying.
I was receiving "Payment Skipped" emails.

My domain is not HTTPS but I think I got it figured out after talking with one of my site members and calling Paypal (1hr on hold wait). I had a PO box in my Paypal address and that was causing the issue because I don't live in US. Something to do with their regulations. I changed it street addy and it seems to work now. Hopefully this helps others.