XF 2.1 Payment Profile display title not showing up, if users want to pay


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when I add in ACP a display title for the payment profile, this title does not show up at all if a user starts to donate with his paypal account. Neither for recurring payments nor for one time donations.

The normal title does not show up neither. Only the paypal email address is shown to the user. But I use the same email paypal address for different forums, so I need the correct display of the individual display title for each forum.

How can I fix this?

Chris D

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To be clear, the only place the payment profile titles (display, or otherwise) would be on your site when you have more than one payment profile set up.

It's not clear where you're wanting to display the title. If it is after you have been redirected to PayPal then we have no way of customising how that looks though you may be able to change some things via PayPal.com.

You probably can't customise it per site, though. You'd likely have to use a different PayPal account for each site for full customisation and I'm not certain exactly what customisation you can do but XF itself has no control over that.