Pay for Help With Migration from VB 3.87?

Hi there,

I want to migrate but need someone to do it for me - I can't find the page where XF talks about their service - can someone point me in the right place?

The big issue is that Google Webmaster Tools tells me my current VB installation has 6,500 duplicate page title errors, and 3,500 duplicate page content errors, 3,500 overly dynamic URLs, and so on. They are all of the format[snip.....]fcaac74&mode=hybrid&t=3313
http:// /forum/showthread.php?s=08 [snip......] fcaac74&p=30577
http://www. /forum/showthread.php?s=080[snip......]fcaac74&t=3313
A guy at SEOMOZ told me they all seem to be the same page but are accessible via each URL.
No idea how this has happened - I think this is a session ID thing? Anyway, would this be a problem in the import? And would moving to XF fix this?

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Jake Bunce

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I am good with imports. I can do it. How large is your forum? Send me a PM if you want to talk details.

vB passes sessionids in the URL if it fails to pass via the cookie. XenForo doesn't do this.