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Password Tools 3.7.5

No permission to download
The phrases svPasswordTools_show_password and svPasswordTools_hide_password are in the latest version of the zip. Please try using the "rebuild" option on the add-on.
No luck .. the first time we open the register box we have:

<button type="button" tabindex="-1" class="inputGroup-text inputPassword-button inputPassword-button--hide" title="svPasswordTools_hide_password"></button>
Please check for template modifications which are not applying, and if you have those phrases defined.
Hi Xon

password_box template is not working.
You can see an animation bellow with source code.
I already reupload and rebuild the addon and nothing.

What could be the problem?



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Strange... I'm using 3.1.0.
Later today I'm going to download again and reinstall.
@Nuno your install looks to be in a weird state. Please try re-uploading the add-on and potentially uninstalling & reinstalling (beyond some minor config options this add-on does not track state).
Hi @Xon

I reuploaded and reinstalled multiple times and this occurs only in the front page, not in /register/ page.
Another thing I see is the default password field for login, register and in the admin page by default is showing the password (visible mode).
Note, this is a fresh install of the last XF 2.0 in a test vps ... if you need I can give you access.

@mcatze very strange, the force bar itself is different from your site!
Ok, there is a conflict with this Chrome extension.
Using Chrome 71.0.3578.98 + Pop up blocker
When I enable this extension, by default the password fields are visible and in the popup register page the hide/show toggle button doesn't show the phrase.
It'd be nice if we could mandate stronger passwords for certain usergroups (in this case our Moderators) :)
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