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Password Reset Query

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
You can use this query to reset a user's password. It is especially useful if you forget your admin password.

You need to replace new-password and 1 (the user_id). You don't have to change salt, but if you do then both instances need to be the same.

Rich (BB code):
UPDATE xf_user_authenticate
			CONCAT('a:3:{s:4:"hash";s:40:"', SHA1(CONCAT(SHA1('new-password'), SHA1('salt')))),
			CONCAT('";s:4:"salt";s:40:"', SHA1('salt'))
scheme_class = 'XenForo_Authentication_Core'
WHERE user_id = 1;
It's ugly and only uses SHA1, but it works. If you are paranoid about security then you should reset your password again in the Admin CP once you regain access. Resetting the password in the Admin CP will use SHA256 hashing with a proper salt.