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For some reason email is no longer being sent for password resets or email verification. I have tested outbound email to a couple different accounts and is working no issue. When I try to do a password reset I don't get a email. There are no log errors I can find and nothing is bouncing back so I'm assuming its not being sent.

Where should I be looking for problems?
If there is nothing in the XF ACP error log then that suggests the email has been handed off to the server successfully.

The next place to check would be the server mail log.
You may need your host's assistance to check that (if you are on shared hosting for example).
Thanks for the reply. If I use the test outbound tool in the acp to my google account. I get the mail. If I use the "Send password reset" to the same account from within the acp I get nothing. I can ask my email host but it seems to me that email is not leaving xenforo. My other site on the same sever with the same email host works fine.
Unfortunately, it's the same code in all of these cases, so if one is sent, then there isn't a reason for different content to (silently) fail. If you're using an SMTP server, the server should be triggering an error if it's not accepting the mail, which XF would then log. Or, if it accepts the mail and then fails to deliver it for some reason, it should at least be sent to the bounce address you have specified. If you have an automated bounce handler, then you could check that log in the control panel (and view the original email to see the contents of what was received).

If there's no log of it anywhere, the mail provider would need to check their internal logs.
After deleting and reinstalling my domain, DNS, email accounts, and redoing all the settings in Xenforo for email still no joy. This particular user account though was created using the Facebook login. I don't know if that is the reason it was failing.

I ended up disconnecting and deleting that account and started from scratch and everything worked as it should. The one thing I found though and it may be a bug is.

1) I created the account and received the account confirmation.
2) I approved the account via acp (I manually approve all accounts)
3) I did a email change with the user account and this is where its weird.

The user was notified that the account was waiting for confirmation. The old email account was sent a notice but the new email was not sent a new confirmation request. Nor was the admin notified of a required confirmation. The latter may not be required but surely the confirmation should be.

At this point I have to believe there is a problem with the routine that sends out email when a email change is made.

I'm going to test the board here and my other forum just to be sure and will report back.


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The forum here and my other forum works as it should. So either I have a really unlikely issue with the failing forum or its mx / email host related. I'm now working on plan B.

Thanks for your time.
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