XF 1.5 Passing ?language= through Google Translate?

Mike Fara

Active member
This is an unusual question, as I'm sure it's not normally supported, but I figured I would give the XenForo community a challenge, as if successful, pretty much anyone could use the same method.

Before we switched to XenForo, we used a number of archaic plugins and addons to auto-translate pages into multiple languages. While years have gone by, we are STILL receiving some of these requests.

For example:


Now, seeing that we are willing to use the default Google Translate v1 (free) API (and already do via JavaScript on all of our pages), but would be willing to use v2, is it possible, to make any ?language= request pass through Google Translate API and auto translate the page?

Hmm? This would be quite brilliant if possible, yes?

If anyone has gotten this to work, or knows how to do it, this would be fantastic. In fact, while not a request for services, I would actually consider it. Anyone have any thoughts on this?