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Looking to get some feedback on if this would be possible to automate this system. So when we have a new user register to our site, we add them to a particular group call "Drivers". Once in this group I would like to add them in another group as well called a "New Hire" group. Not sure if this is possible, but this is what I have done below:
  • User Group Promotions
  • Promotion Options
    • Added Title (New Hire (14 Days)
    • Promotion is active
    • Add User to user Groups: "New Hire"
  • Apply This Promotion While...
    • User is a member of any of the selected user groups: "Driver"
    • User has been registered for at least X days: "14"
I'm hoping this will achieve what I am wanting to but I just want to check with the community here before I commit to this?
Yes, that will work.

Any member who is in the Driver user group and has been registered for 14 days or more, will be automatically added to the New Hire user group.
Now let me also ask you this, if after 14 days how would that group auto remove itself? Or is this possible or not possible? Or because its after the 14 day mark it would just auto remove them?
Promotions and devotions are automatic based on the member meeting or not meeting the criteria.

Members would not be removed from the user group after 14 days as they would still meet the criteria of having been registered for at least 14 days.
Not trying to double post ran into a small issue. So I have members that have been in our forums for longer than 14 days, but it seems as though it has automatically added them in this group? Do i just need to try and run the cron again for this?
That is correct.

The criterion is 'User has been registered for at least X days', with X being 14 in your case.

Any member registered for at least 14 days will be promoted and will remain promoted.
Ah so if I want to make it where if they are registered for the forms for 14 days and under they are in that particular group? And if they are over 14 days then they will be removed from it? Not sure if that makes sense?
Alright so I have re-done this a little. So now when they apply to us and get approve they will be moved to New Hire, if they have the group of new hire then we add another permission for some backend stuff. After 14 days if they are in the new hire group it will then promote them to KVT Driver? Does this sound right?
The promotion system is really additive. It doesn't remove people from groups or change their primary group; it adds them to an additional group. I'm not really sure what you're trying to achieve, but the usual approach is to define the base permissions and then add the extra ones on the promotion group (in this case, the group given after 14 days).
Got ya, I guess how I was thinking it would work is they apply using the application addon I got. If they are approved we auto place them into the New Hire group via the "Approved" field. Once they are in that group they will sit for 14 days. After that they will then get removed from the New Hire Group and place into the Driver Group.
Eh, im not the developer type that is you guys! I will just remove the first group and go along with just the Driver and promote them to use other special hidden groups. Thanks for the input this has help a great deal!
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