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frm submitted a new resource:

Parler Share Button (Template Mod) - Support free speech with a Parler share button

The downloadable zip file must be uploaded as Parler is not apart of Font Awesome and likely won't be due to their $3000 branding fee (or be denied completely if they share the same values as Big Tech, etc.), until there is more adoption of this.

Show support for free speech by adding the Parler share button to your site.

After the files are uploaded, this has to be added to extra.css with the various lines having comments on modifications needed for styles other than the...

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Great idea, thank you.

I will be adding that to my site ASAP.
Hoping that it can be wrapped up by a developer to be an add on so that the CSS elements can easily be tweaked to reflect different styles.

Example: There are some mods I had to make for one site to make the P larger (font-size: 20;) to match the font size of 16 with the others as well as explicitly put in the background-color or it would flash to the default on hover.

These can be addressed much easier in the ACP for someone (even like me) with little to no knowledge in CSS.

Glad you like it & glad it's being adopted by more forums to bring Parler up!
@BassMan was generous enough to turn this template modification into an add on so that it is accessible to all for free as it is 1-click install ready.

I would suggest using the add on unless you are comfortable with template edits wherein this can save you a tad bit of memory (pretty moot). The install works out of the box and allows for fine-tuning options in there that may be required from style to style.


You can easily add options in the style properties this add on creates. It has margin-left commented out because there was a style I ran into that needed it in order to center the P icon, else it looked quite off to the naked eye.

I wouldn't say that this is "unmaintained" as I'll answer any questions regarding it and update it as required as I am running it on one live site (the add on on others that make a quick install... well... quicker), but things should be pointed out here or in the add on discussion thread so that they can be fixed in both places.
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