Parenting 101 - attempted carjacking


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Keep your eyes on your child in public places!

KansasCityPolice: A man stole a car with a baby inside at about 9:40 p.m. Nov. 22, 2010, at 2911 VanBrunt. The parents of the child were able to stop him from getting away. If you recognize the suspect in this video (about the 7:30 minute mark), please call 816-474-TIPS.



If I was dumb enough to steal a car and then find out a baby is in it, I would drive away from the parents at least to avoid getting shot in the face, and then park the car and get out - seeing the parents at least come towards the car to get their child ..

I would be in it for the car, not for the stuff inside it, especially when it's a child or someone else.

Then again, I would already be dumb enough to steal a car and disrespect other people their property. So who knows what the heat of the moment does to you.


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If you're dumb enough to leave your car running with your kid inside and walk away from it ... DOH!!! :mad:

Bet those parents won't do that again.

Oh, and yeah, the theif was an idiot too.